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How much is an oil change?

The most popular call we get is "How much is an oil change?".  That is like calling McDonald's and asking how much is a hamburger and then calling Applebee's with the same question.  Obviously, if that was the only question you asked, you would be eating at McDonald's a lot. There are other things that need to considered.  

"We never get any of the questions like "Does your oil meet the highest US standards for engine wear protection?" or "Does your oil meet the API SN service classification?" Or, how about some easier ones. "Do you check all of my lights, test my battery and anti-freeze, inspect belts and hoses, top off fluids, check the front end components for looseness and set the tire pressures during the oil service?"

Sometimes we just don't know what to ask. It really comes down to finding a shop that has the highest integrity that we can trust to make some decisions for us.  We are constantly solicited by oil distributors that will sell us oil for less than half of what we pay for Mobil.  The latest one said they sell to over 1,500 shops and quick lubes in the Tri-state area.  I won't put it in my car and I won't put it in yours just so that I can have a discounted oil change.  

Now, to answer the question, most conventional full service oil changes cost less than $40 before tax.  Synthetics are usually between $65 and $75. Some cars use more than 5 quarts and some use a special oil filter.  They cost a little more.

Andy Walko

Walko Automotive Service


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