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Hybrid Repair Service | Walko Automotive Service

Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (HEV) owners in Manville, Hillsborough, and surrounding areas are now able to schedule service for HEVs at Walko Automotive Service. The same company you've trusted with your vehicles since 1976 has added hybrid car care to its list of expert services. Partnering with The Hybrid Shop in 2013 has resulted in the ability of Walko technicians to perform Energy and Power Tests, which in turn deliver data regarding battery energy capacity and power system efficiency. The Hybrid Shop of Virginia sold to a California company. We did not wish to follow the process of the new owners and are continuing to provide the same services as always. We have a supplier that uses the same conditioning process that we have come to trust. 

We believe there is no reason to have to pay exorbitant fees to keep your special vehicle running smoothly. One of the ways our qualified technicians can help reduce your costs has to do with your vehicle's power system. The battery pack is a key part of your vehicle's hybrid repair service. We provide an eco-friendly alternative to new replacement: high-voltage battery conditioning. Our suppliers use the latest process to improve vehicle performance and fuel economy, reduce operating costs, and save thousands of dollars in costs during the period of ownership. Amounts vary according to the make and model of the car.

The conditioning process restores as much as 95 percent of the original energy and power at about a third of the cost for a battery pack replacement. Hybrid vehicle owners have reported as much as a 35 percent increase in fuel economy upon completion of the service. Bring the car back for a freshly conditioned battery pack whenever it is needed. The process can be performed as often as it is needed. The green method avoids adding another item to salvage yards and landfills.

Hillsborough Hybrid Repair Service | Walko Automotive Service

Hillsborough Hybrid Vehicles | Walko Automotive Service


Additional Hybrid Repair Service

Walko Automotive certified technicians have specialized training in hybrid diagnostic and service tools so they can assess your HEV's trouble and resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Common Hybrid Repairs:

  • Air Conditioning System Repair
  • Battery Filter Element Replacement
  • Battery Testing and Conditioning
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics and Repair
  • High Voltage Battery Cable Repair / Replacement

Common Hybrid Maintenance:

  • Brake inspections and parking brake adjustments
  • Comprehensive State of Health High Voltage Diagnostics
  • Flush transmission fluid
  • High voltage battery conditioning
  • High voltage cable inspection and repair
  • Hybrid liquid cooling system flush
  • Hybrid oil changes
  • Inspection: fluid levels, hoses, belts, wiring, and throttle body
  • Inspection: power train, seals, exhaust, cooling system components, wiring, and suspension.
  • Tire inspections and rotations

Hybrid Battery Conditioning | Walko Automotive Service

Battery Conditioning

Our battery supplier conditioning process restores battery performance up to 95% of original manufacturers’ specifications – and saves you money.

Hybrid Maintenance and Repairs | Walko Automotive Service

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintenance and Repairs - Our ASE Certified and Master Technicians are trained and certified to perform any service that your Domestic or Import car needs.