Been there 2 times and plan on continuing. They are honest and explain things in simply terms.

5 Walko Automotive Service, LLC. 2/18/2018

I've been a Walko customer for many years. The family operation is well run and they are very knowledgeable about all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance. I'm glad to have them nearby.

5 Walko Automotive Service, LLC. 2/16/2018

Liked your service very much. Job well done.

5 Walko Automotive Service, LLC. 2/13/2018

Awesome service! I had my brakes done and I didnt have a ride to pick up car. Shuttle service was provided. Great company honest people Thank you!

5 Walko Automotive Service, LLC. 2/10/2018

I went to Walko because they work with hybrids and I saw that they are highly rated . The car dealer diagnosed my car with several problems that would of costed over $1000. I worked with Kyle. He told me that the car was still under warranty. He contacted the dealership closest to the shop, they were able to fix the problem under warranty. The car still needed some other work that was not covered under warranty, I’m so grateful that Kyle was honest enough to tell me that there were some problems that could still be covered under the warranty. They also fixed the other problems that were outlined by the dealer for half the cost.

5 Walko Automotive Service, LLC. 2/7/2018

Very prompt, takes the time to explain services and offers reasonable alternatives.

4.5 Walko Automotive Service, LLC. 2/5/2018

Very good service as usual.

5 Walko Automotive Service, LLC. 2/5/2018

Toyota has had me by the b*lls for years because they were the one place to take my Prius... but not anymore. I discovered Walko Automotive Service and they are exceptionally qualified to work on your hybrid car. The service people are friendly and professional.Their service is "A #1" - repairs are explained thoroughly, the pricing is competitive and you're in and out within the time frame they specified! Car repairs are never a great thing, but at Walko, you come away feeling secure and confident in their work and not like you've been taken for a "ride."

5 Walko Automotive Service, LLC. 1/28/2018

Great service from the Walko team. They keep us informed about our cars and repairs are always done right. Thank you for years of service!

5 Walko Automotive Service, LLC. 1/27/2018

Awesome as always. I can always depend on Walko to keep my vehicles rolling.

5 Walko Automotive Service, LLC. 1/17/2018